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The New York City-based duo Amelia's Dream consists of singer/songwriter Amelia S. Gewirtz and musician/producer/songwriter Harold Stephan. The group's blend of folk-pop and electronica debuted in 1996 with Here in the Rage, and consistent gigs at clubs like the Mercury Lounge, the Knitting Factory, and the Bitter End and appearances at events like the NYC Marathon and AIDS Walk earned them a strong local following. Their second album, Love Tattoo, was released in 1999 on Ripe & Ready Records, with a third album Unravel: Recorded Live at the Magic Shop following in 2004. Inspired by the birth of their son Adam in 2007, the husband and wife team released a fourth album No More Time in 2013 under the name Parents With Angst. Highly anticipated new music is being released as singles beginning in the summer of 2017, with the song White Flag leading the way.


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New Music

by Amelia's Dream











Here In The Rage    Release Date: 1995

Here In The Rage

Release Date: 1995

Love Tattoo    Release Date: 1999

Love Tattoo

Release Date: 1999

Unravel: Recorded Live at the Magic Shop   Release Date: 2005

Unravel: Recorded Live at the Magic Shop

Release Date: 2005

No More Time  Parents With Angst  Release Date: 2011

No More Time

Parents With Angst

Release Date: 2011



The Amelia's Dream song single "White Flag" is released from a highly anticipated 5th studio album, followed by "America The Pharmaceutical"


Amelia's Dream song "Ballerina" is chosen as the theme song for TV Pilot Good 'n Screwed


Amelia's Dream releases the double CD No More Time under the band name Parents With Angst, heralding a new genre of "parenting music". The band promotes the music through live performance videos themed around parenting topics.


Amelia's Dream song "Broken" is featured in Season 7 Episode 19 of A&E Television Show Dog The Bounty Hunter.






2008 - 2012

Inspired as young parents, Amelia's Dream works on material for their 4th full length CD





Nov 2007

Amelia's Dream song "Red Light" is featured on the Jimmy Smits' CBS-TV Show CANE

March 2007

Amelia's Dream celebrates the birth of Adam. IT'S A BOY!!!

June 2006

Amelia's Dream original song "Save Me" is included in The Songwriter's Hall of Fame (NAPM) Best of New Writers Showcase CD - and honored on Tues June 13th at their CD Release Event at the Cutting Room

MAY 2006

The Disney-ABC Original Family Film, Everything you want, releases a CD to accompany the movie and chooses to feature the Amelia's Dream song "In Your Arms"


April 2006

Amelia's Dream cover of "Hero" (written by Julie Flanders and Emil Adler), is featured on the October Project CD, Covered


March 2006

Amelia's Dream original songs, "Unravel" and "Blue Sky" are put on heavy rotation on KHZ Radio in L.A. and Maryland

And through syndication our music has been in South Africa and Denmark from CBS and ABC/Disney Channels!


Spring 2005 and earlier

  • Amelia's Dream song "In Your Arms" is featured in the WABC-Disney Movie Everything You Want


  • The music of Amelia's Dream is featured on various MTV Reality Shows, including Made, "Undressed, Camp Jim, Making The Video


  • Amelia's Dream's Harold Stephan lands a leading role in the Off-Broadway show, 1966. He plays the role of the keyboardist in one of the most infamous bands to come out of the Whiskey A-Go-Go


  • Amelia appeared as part of a segment on the TV show Oprah


  • Amelia's Dream's Harold Stephan scores the documentary film The Danish Solution about the escape of jews from Denmark during WWII. Currently scoring a film about the life of Dr. Kevorkian


  • The Amelia' s Dream Song "Footprints" was featured on the Paul Sorvino CBSTV series That's Life, (now in syndication)


  • As a writer for Garfish Music, Amelia's Dream's Harold Stephan has scored commercials for Adidas, Chrysler, Burger King, Ocean Spray, Spaghettios and Huggies


  • Trust Your Gut was featured on the Disney Channel series, In a Heartbeat


  • The band received Int'l acclaim in a five page feature in the China Times


  • The band Had massive exposure with (45) 30 second spots on VH1 and MTV for CBGB's Gallery female compilation CD, East side of Fascination (rockin clubs 2001), featuring two Amelia's Dream songs


  • PMD Promotion chose to feature Amelia's Dream in their massive catalog mailing to all Broadway producers and record companies


  • Featured on 80 college radio stations and hit #1 in Indiana, WUEV


  • They Licensed Love Tattoo to various films, MTV, Lifetime Network, ESPN2 etc.


  • Recently featured on the CBS Network News Grammy coverage they were voted one of the top breakthrough bands on the East Coast by the Grammy Bullet Awards


  • When they played Bryant Park opening for the Morgan Scott Ballet they were featured on the front page of the NY Times Arts and leisure section 8/00


  • Amelia's Dream Played the Harborfest on Lake Ontario and made the Live at 5:00pm network news & weather with an interview


  • Race Taylor from WPLJ 95.5 FM says:" Songwriting craftsmanship...production quality, live performance..with the help of a major label Amelia's Dream is radio ready.."


  • Songwriters Monthly published a 2 page feature on the band and in a separate review wrote "Amelia is a gift to music she breathes life and authenticity into every track"


  • The Daily Vault exclaimed:" Heed the call, buy the disc and start saying "oh-my-god" for yourself"


  • Amelia's Dream is touring colleges up and down the East coast, performing live at various festivals. Recent highlights include: The Bethlehem Muzikfest, AIDS WALK, NXNE in Toronto, Philadelphia Music Fest, Feast of San Genaro, Rutgers University, WDST Radio Woodstock Live, and WFUV's Nightbirds series at the Bottom Line.



"LOVE TATTOO is a big sound from a small label..."

~Chris Randazzo, The Gazette

"The songs are very well written and vocalist Amelia Gewirtz has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard..."

~Indie Cait, Hit Session

"...Amelia's Dream has brought breathtaking performances to such NYC clubs as The Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End..."

~Rock Publication, 2000

"Every song seems to relate to different things that happen around the world, or even my own life..."

~Indi Cait, Amp3

"If Carly Simon had met the Indigo Girls in the 90's, they'd be called Amelia's Dream..."

~Poplife.net, Volume I, IssueXXXII, July 2000

"Songwriting craftsmanship...production quality, live performance..with the help of a major label Amelia's Dream is radio ready.."

~Race Taylor from WPLJ 95.5 FM says:

"Amelia is a gift to music she breathes life and authenticity into every track"

~Songwriters Monthly

"Heed the call, buy the disc and start saying "oh-my-god" for yourself"

~The Daily Vault exclaimed:

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